Our Care, Your Pride - Positive College Experience

Positive College Experience

Congratulations and welcome to The Chinese University of Hong Kong. You are going to turn a new page in your life. There are new faces to meet, new courses to take, new adjustment to make, new challenges in life to take… but most important is that there will be infinite possibilities waiting for you here, at Lee Woo Sing College. Our teachers, staff members, mentor team and your peers are ready to walk with you to experience a positive and caring College life in the next few years. It will make a big difference in your University life and brings lots of good memories for the rest of your life.

Caring team @ Lee Woo Sing College

Lee Woo Sing College advocates harmony, positive and care. Since its establishment in 2007, the College has always been student-oriented and dedicated to providing students with comprehensive care and a positive College experience. Students are the basic and most important component of the College. Therefore, we take care of our students from their daily living, their physical and spiritual needs, as well as their whole person development in every possible way. Our caring team consists of:

  • Dean of Students and two Associate Dean of Students planning and overseeing student activities, admission and orientation activities, student counselling and guidance;
  • Two Wardens leading a team of hostel tutors providing living guidance and counselling for residential students;
  • Dean of General Education planning and implementing general education courses and leadership training programs for students;
  • Around 20 Onboarding Programme student mentors each year trained by College providing guidance for freshmen, starting from 2017/18;
  • College Office staff providing activities and services to foster a positive and caring College culture for students

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