Vincent Wong/ Jocelyn Law - Personal Development and College Life

“I think positive energy can be found in the college and the hostel, because you can find different friends here, and even get along with teachers and other officials. They can actually provide a lot of care to you. Instead of care, they may chat with you casually, or talk with you when you are depressed. They may not be able to give you a practical answer, but it may just be a simple greeting or give you a way to express your feelings. It can allow you to relieve your pressure and express your emotions. Therefore, I think in four years of university life, your friends in college and hostel can give you a lot of encouragement and support, and go through this difficult, happy and unforgettable period with you."

- Vincent Wong

“Back in secondary school, I always heard people say that there are many activities to join, and we don’t need to study in the university. In fact, I think this sentence is only half right, because there are really many activities to join in the university. There are also many different societies waiting for us to explore, but in terms of study, if you want to attain satisfied GPA, you need to spend some time to study and finish your assignments. I think having time management skills is the most crucial. Despite reserving some time to relax, you should also spend appropriate and sufficient time, to finish the assignments and studies of your subject. In addition, being proactive is also very important. As I mentioned before, no one will arrange everything for you in university, and you may not go to class with the same group of students. Because even if you study the same major, the timetable registered may be very different. We should take the initiative to ask questions and make friends, which can provide great assistance to our university life."

- Jocelyn Law