Taryn Tsui - Full of love in WS

When I joined the college two years ago, the admission theme was “infinite possibilities”. At first I was quite skeptical about that, therefore during the first year I just joined two activities, singing contest and the College Anniversary Celebration, as trial. Besides, I have also taken the role of green life ambassador. I have made friends in those activities and I really like the cohesion between students. Besides, I think people are the best part in Woo Sing. They are willing to exchange their ideas and make the ideas and actualize the ideas. For the second year in Woo Sing, I took up more important responsibilities and participated in Student Union. I wish I can pass the spirit on through activities organized by the Student Union.

 “There is a kind of love that protects us from all difficulties”. I can feel that kind of love in Lee Woo Sing College. When things don’t go well outside, at home or between friends, I can still feel warmth in the College. There are a group of people who always here supporting me. When I meet the workmen in the pantry, I will greet her and chat with her on what I am doing recently; what I am busy with. She will also ask me whether I am doing well recently. Sometimes, my roommate will bring me some snacks to cheer me up when I am studying alone. We call this kind of action as “sending warmth”. Every time I receive “warmth” from others, I feel extremely warm as I know that there is someone caring about me. As I feel the love and warmth, I would like to share to others too. I have also learned on how to care people and make the College filled with love. 

- Taryn Tsui (Computer Science/ Year 3)