Karis - Positive University Life

"The first instance I was here at LWS College was attending my admission interview. Perhaps others might already forget such experience, but not for me. I met a very good friend during the occasion who still in close contact with me. People may have a feeling that it is difficult to find a friend who is always be with you as the University campus is spacious, social circle is extensive. The activities of LWS College offer me an opportunity to maintain contact with friends. Besides, hostel living, mentorship programme, College Anniversary events and O’Camp also provide opportunities for us to gather, and to try something new and different here.

There should be no dos or don'ts for achieving positive University life. For me, I think a positive life relies on the feeling of happiness and enjoyment. Many people come to University with various objectives. Some students aim at fruitful study life, some choose to join a lot of College activities and meet friends. These two modes of life do not contradict to each other. Happiness is priority - if you can draw every effort to what you are doing, you can gain much more than you expect. The four-year University life is a good opportunity for you to try different things and explore your potential.

Look forward to the college life, I wish to pluck myself up to try different things and to expand my social circle. It is said that it is difficult to make a new friend or settle into a new environment. For me, it is a good chance to train myself indeed. The settings of College make it happen!"

Karis Chan -
Student, Lee Woo Sing College Gerontology Programme