Isaac Lam - Positive College experience

“Before admission to Lee Woo Sing College, I thought College life would not take up a large portion of my University life. I thought College only provides dormitory or at most provides meals. At that time, I thought University life was mostly about studying and participating in some University affairs. But after I entered Lee Woo Sing College and I lived in hostel, and joined different student activities, I realized that College life could make a great impact on my University life.

Or I should say, now I think College life takes up approximately 80% of my University life. My College life makes my University experience more fruitful. I joined the College Football Team and the College Student Union. Those activities allow me to have a touch on College’s administration and College life. 

I was worried that relationships in the College might not be as close as those in secondary school or schoolmates might not have deep understanding towards each other. But after a year in Lee Woo Sing College, I changed my mind. Student activities indeed bring closer relationships between friends in the College and me. I even considered that the relationships are closer than those with my secondary schoolmates. The skills I learned here, such as communication skills and way to develop my potentials, make me becoming a student with all-round talents.”

- Isaac Lam (Govt. & Public Aadmin./ Year 2)