Lee Wing Shan - Caring and Positive Life

"Some people think that when a person encounters problems or experience failure, they must stand up on their own. I am fortunate that, as a member of the University and LWS College, there would always be a group of friends offering helping hands every time I feel sad or experience failure. They are indeed a group of mates I met in the College, or I should say they are mutually supportive colleagues in the College. We are from different backgrounds, studying in different programmes, having different career paths, having different life stories, but ever supporting and helping each other in the College context. This is a unique relationship and connection we have in LWS College.

Living a positive life requires knowing every opportunity, trying hard to achieve the best, and enjoying the process, no matter it is a failure or a success at the end. LWS College provided me with many opportunities, including 3-times short-term exchange and a service trip opportunities. The college provided a lot of support so that I could experience University life to maximum. There is a saying that you have to knock on the door to find happiness. Sometimes you may be deterred, but I think if you are willing to persist and are willing to actively strive for every opportunity, you will eventually achieving an optimistic attitude, positive life, and becoming a better individual."

Lee Wing Shan -
Student, Lee Woo Sing College
Professional Accountancy Programme