Student associations and teams


Apart from choir, green life ambassador and sports teams, and events organized by the College, students are encouraged to join the ten student bodies and associations registered under the College Student Union (WSSU). WSSU organizes several large-scale events, such as orientation camp and College anniversary celebratory events.
Her branch, including the Residential Students’ Association, Non-residential Students’ Association, affiliated Associations, provide welfare and services for specific groups. All freshmen are welcome to join.

List of student associations and teams

  • College teams (Green Life Ambassadors, TV Team)
  • Woo Sing Choir
  • Sports Assocation, sport teams (badminton, basketball, rowing, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track & field and volleyball)
  • WSSU Executive Council, Residential Students' Association, Non-residential Students' Association & Council
  • WSSU school/ faculty associations (medicine, nursing, business administration)
  • WSSU student clubs (Dessert Society, Drama Club, Rotaract Club)
  • WSSU short-term event teams (orientation camp, anniversary celebration, singing contest)