Harmonious Life @ WS

Harmonious Life

Apart from choir, green life ambassador and sports teams, and events organized by the College, students are encouraged to join the ten student bodies and associations registered under the College Student Union (WSSU). WSSU organizes several large-scale events, such as orientation camp and College anniversary celebratory events. Her branch, including the Residential Students’ Association, Non-residential Students’ Association, affiliated Associations, provide welfare and services for specific groups. All freshmen are welcome to join.

College's Signature Events

  • Onboarding Programme Welcoming Day
  • Orientation Camp
  • Inauguration Ceremony cum Orientation Dinner
  • College Anniversary events
  • World Culture Fest & GreenWS Day
  • Graduation Ceremony and Photo Day
  • Presentation Ceremony for Outstanding Student Award and Scholarships
  • Alumni Homecoming Day and Homecoming Dinner
  • Woo Sing Choir Annual Concert
  • Athlete Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Prof Ellis Fok

"Campus life at the University is a new adventure to learn, to explore and to transform into a better person! Every year, our students are invited to join more than 70 exciting activities, including workshops, language enrichment courses, celebrations and cultural events organized by the College and the College Student Union. Students can make their own choice from the list of year-round activities available in summer time. Through these activities, we aim at providing a nurturing environment for our students to make new friends, develop their potentials, and identify their goals."

Prof. Ellis Fok, Dean of Students
Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences