Care for Environment


Enjoyment of a ‘green life’ is one of the core collegiate experiences for Lee Woo Sing College students, and one of which they are right to be proud. In addition to installation of infrastructures reducing carbon footprint (including installation of Hong Kong’s first hostel smart meter system and high-performance CIGS solar energy generation sys-tem), we have installed the energy monitoring and information systems on campus. Students may check their  real-time energy usage and that of the hostel from their mobile devices. We adopt green practices in our daily lives. For example, we were the first College at CUHK to implement an on-campus food waste classification system and to enhance both teachers’ and students’ awareness of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In addition to green technologies and hardware installed on campus, we actively promote green culture in the College. A series of green activities are held regularly every year, such as workshops, visits to green organizations, organic farming courses, flea market and our signature green education showcase - GreenWS Day. Starting from 2015/16 year, the Green Life Ambassador programme has been enhanced. More creative elements has been added to allow students to organize their own activities to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in the College.

Green Facilities and Featured Activities

  • First-in-HK hostel smart meter
  • First-in-HK high-efficiency CIGS solar panels
  • Real-time Energy Monitoring and Information System
  • Heat-reduction glass coating
  • Energy-saving ceiling fan and mini-fridge
  • Energy-saving appliances and electric cooking
  • Hostel floor energy saving competition
  • Green courtyard
  • Organic planting
  • Canteen food waste reduction and processing
  • First CUHK canteen to ditch plastic straw and container
  • Participation in University waste charging pioneer scheme
  • Green life ambassadors