General Education and Leadership Training Programmes

We face choices every day. It is not only the operation and decision process in mind to choose the right option for ourselves, but also emotional response. Making choices and decisions under adverse environment is about the values you "care about" and the life you yearn for. General Education in University attempts to present different values from multiple perspectives to students. Professors and tutors from different departments, comprehensive curriculum design and arrangements, and diversified activities open a fan of door of learning experience for our students.

General Education cannot make choices and solve problems for students, but it provides you with valuable learning opportunities during your study in College. We hope students can understand and shape their own value from the experience of General Education. Whether their lives can shine or not depends on how they view and cherish every learning opportunity."

Dr. Sarah Luk - College Dean of General Education
Professional ConsultantDepartment of Educational Psychology

Dr Sarah Luk

GE Programme

Lee Woo Sing College cares a lot about students’ moral and intellectual development. We provide students with whole-person education through a wide range of programmes, to nurture future leaders. The goal of our general education courses is to provide background and core skills students can later use in their studies and profession. Combined with core and elective elements, students would have a wide range of choices of courses that fits their personal development needs. We believe, through general education, students will learn logical and critical thinking skills that help them knowing the world and solving problems. These skills can be carried over into their future professions, no matter what industries students end up in. Highlights of College general education programmes:

  • Renowned professionals from the community and social enterprises are invited to conduct a wide range of general education elective courses. Those courses include " Future of Food: Plant-based Living" in collaboration with Green Monday; " Experience the Kunqu and Peking Opera" to be conducted by renowned artists from Shanghai and “The Beauty of Chinese Painting” to be conducted by Chinese painting experts.
  • Leadership Forums and Academic Seminars
  • Kunqu and Peking operatic arts programmes
  • Language enhancement programmes: IELTS Exam Preparation, English Evening, Colloquial English Workshop, Toastmaster Club, Cantonese Workshop, etc.
  • Assemblies, High Table Dinners and WS Forum
  • Work Experience Programme, e.g., Hong Kong-Shanghai Future Leader Internship Programme, etc.

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