First-in-Hong Kong Smart Meter

Smart Meter

The College's hostel smart meter system is the first similar system implemented in student hostels in Hong Kong. It is aimed at raising students’ awareness of energy saving and environmental protection.

The smart meter system is able to capture the electricity usage of air conditioning, lighting and electric sockets per bedroom individually. Students would have a chance to study their electricity consumption habit , usage comparison via an oline platform, and adjust their habit when necessary. All the electricity usage in each bedroom is counted as a whole. Students have to top-up with Octopus card value for excessive usage on a progressive scale.

Unused quota is to be brought forward to the next month. All unused quotas are cashed and rebated to students. 600,000 units of electricity has been rebated to students since implementation of the smart meter, i.e., students have saved more than four hundred thousand of electricity together. Our hostel uses 40% less electricity than other CUHK hostels of similar capacities.