Our values, your innovation - Infinite possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Lee Woo Sing College encourages students to innovate - dare to think, dare to try. We provide comprehensive support to students for them to develop their strengths and turn their dreams into reality. LWS is a young and energetic College with less traditional burdens. We are always open to suggestions for students' activities and other improvements. Activities and campus facilities have been improved a lot in response to students’ suggestions. The College is very supportive for worthwhile projects which are good for students. For example, student groups have proposed and self-organized several large-scale anniversary celebration events since 2015. Under the collaboration of the College and the College Student Union, unprecedented success has been achieved. The succeeding student activities organized by students are very well received indeed.

LWS College also practices innovative spirit. We have continuously reviewed and enriched General Education courses, campus facilities, green technology, scholarships and overseas exchanges since our first year of admission. Those innovative initiatives include the new college mobile app and the central television broadcast system developed last year. It is our objective to provide students with the best resource for learning and personal growth, so that students can practice the three spirits of the College - Leadership, Green and Harmony.

Clavin Chan"As a young College, LWS addresses opinions and views of students in great extent. Students are given lots of room and freedom to live their College life to maximum. Whether it is a anniversary celebration, organizing student societies, or launching new events and activities, the College always communicate with students and get them involved actively. I am lucky to be invited to play the role of master of ceremonies in various College events. Although I did not have enough experience in doing so, the College provided me with great trust and support. Not only established self-confidence, I also learnt skills of public speaking and hosting via these opportunities. Last year, I was invited to share my experience and skills in a workshop for MC training organized by the College. I am sure that the LWS is a college that can provide opportunities for students to exercise their infinite possibilities.

In addition, the College offers different types of scholarships and awards, overseas exchange opportunities, etc., so that students can live a different University life. I believe a College which has a positive atmosphere will definitely provide students with a positive living and learning environment."

Calvin Chan
Student, Lee Woo Sing College & Integrated BBA Programme