General Education and Leadership Training Programmes

GE Programme

  • Wide range of credit-bearing general education elective courses, including Field Studies of Nature’s Genius in Biodiversity, Kunqu and Peking Opera, Understanding Globalization, Future of food: Plant-based living, Evolution of universal communication: Debate & application etc.
  • Leadership Forums and Academic Seminars
  • Kunqu and Peking Operatic Art courses
  • Language Enhancement Programmes: IELTS Exam Preparation, English Evening, Colloquial English Workshop, Toastmaster Club, Cantonese Workshop, etc.
  • Assemblies and High Table Dinners
  • Work Experience Programme, e.g., Hong Kong-Shanghai Future Leader Internship Programme, etc.

High table

Prof Joseph Kwong“ ‘What kind of person do I want to be?’ This question is one of the key elements for guiding students to achieve a fruitful and meaningful University life.  In Lee Woo Sing College, we ask you to think even further - ‘How to develop myself into the type of person I aspired to be?’ - this is also the way we inspire our students to develop into all-round excellence via our Leadership Training and General Education Courses.

Our programmes bring forward broad interdisciplinary and learning approaches, through different teaching strategies, in order to widen students’ perspective and learning abilities. In the long run, we hope to instill our students with a wide range of knowledge, attributes and experiences that they can draw on for the challenges in the future."

Professor Joseph Kwong - College Dean of General Education
Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology