Harmonious Life @ WS

Harmonious Life

Harmony is one of the great Chinese virtues. The College believes that it would have taken a paragon of virtue to live a harmonious life, not only of people-to-environment, but people-to-people as well. That is why harmony is one of the core spirits of the College.

Harmonious atmosphere is created based on good communication. This is the belief of College Master, teachers, Wardens’ team and College Office as well. The College promotes harmonious life via regular meetings, including Master and teachers’ regular meeting with representatives of WSSU, Wardens and hostel tutors’ regular meeting with representatives of WSSU Residential Students’ Association, and a series of student and teacher activities such as afternoon tea gathering, sunset concerts, students-teachers sports competition, Master’s Cup and chef competition, etc., to create a warm and home-like atmosphere in College hostels. In 2017, the College Office team received the CUHK Positive Workplace Service Award (Teams) for appraising the team’s positive attitude in assisting students’ development. We hope students, teachers and staff can work together in fostering a positive and harmonious culture in the College.

The College takes an active role to work with student leaders in organizing various student activities.  In the past few years, students took the initiative to organize the College Anniversary celebrations. The organizing committee members consist of more than two hundred students per year.  Through a series of activities, the students’ leadership skills were fostered and sense of belonging to the College were enhanced.

College's Signature Events

  • Onboarding Programme Kick-off Day Camp & Information Market
  • Orientation Camp
  • Inauguration Ceremony cum Orientation Dinner
  • WS Mooncake Magic
  • College Anniversary events
  • World Culture Fest
  • Graduation Ceremony and Photo Day
  • Presentation Ceremony for Outstanding Student Award and Scholarships
  • GreenWS Day
  • Kunqu and Peking Operatic Performances
  • Alumni Homecoming Day and Homecoming Dinner
  • Woo Sing Choir Annual Concert
  • Athelete Certificate Presentation Ceremony
  • Chef Competition
  • 10th Anniversary Photo-taking Competition