Care for Intellectual Development

The College provides students with whole-person development opportunities through a series of General Education courses, visiting scholar programmes, leadership training and other developmental programmes. We encourage students to cultivate positive attitudes and values, independent and critical thinking, intercultural sensitivity, team spirit, and leadership; demonstrate care for society, and develop a sense of responsibility.

The structure of College’s general education courses is simple yet rich in contents and fit students’ needs. Students are required to complete two 3-credits courses, including an induction course and another elective course. Students are also required to attend one assembly per term and one high table dinner per year. Renowned public figures, professionals, alumni and outstanding students are invited to deliver talks in assemblies and high table dinners.

Apart from formal courses, the College organizes workshops in language enhancement, tastes of life and interest classes, and training in public speaking and master of ceremonies. In addition, the College organises a summer work experience programme to broaden students’ career horizons.