Care for Non-residential and Non-local Students

Care for Non-residential and Non-Local Students

It is the College’s mission to provide total care to all groups of students. We especially focus on non-residential students and non-local students. The College offers various daytime facilities, such as lockers, fitness room, reading room, music room, barbeque area, cookery demonstration kitchen, cafe and dining facilities, and non-residential students common room, to non-residential students. They can spend their leisure time between lessons in the College. The Non-residential Students’ Association of Student Union operates a games room and organize regular gathering and activities for them as well.

We understand students from overseas and Mainland China may encounter problems in cultural difference and living adjustment. Our Wardens and hostel tutors provide personal and living adjustment counselling for non-local students. They organize celebration activities during major festivals as well.  Non-local mentors under the Onboarding Programme for Year One Students will help and advise non-local freshmen in adapting University life and College cultures, so as to make our College their “home-away-from-home”.

To further enhance understanding of local and foreign cultures among students, the College organized large-scale cultural promotion events for consecutive five years. More than a thousand non-local students from 25 countries shared food and cultural information of their countries with other students, and performed traditional dance and music during the events.