Positive and caring experience

Positive experience

Lee Woo Sing College advocate harmony, positive and care. Since its establishment, the College has always been student-oriented and dedicated to providing students with comprehensive care and a positive College experience. Students are the basic and most important component of the College. Therefore, we take care of our students from their daily living, their physical and spiritual needs, as well as their whole person development in every possible way.
The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. We believe that students can always learn from their peers, care for and support each other through student activities, educational programs and daily living, and establish and maintain a positive community for the College. We hope students’ positive attitude and lifestyle can be radiated from individual to the student community, to the entire College, and even to the society.
The College has strengthened caring strategies for students and increased direct communication channels, such as weekly email message from Dean of Students and College mobile app, with students.  Apart from WS HI-Tea gathering with the students, Dean of Student regular meeting, and Wardens’ weekly meeting, we shall organize town hall meetings and collect feedback and opinion through various student organizations to improve student caring services. Students may write to our Dean of Students as well.

Hi Tea
Positive office prize
"WS Hi-Tea" afternoon tea gathering
Our office won CUHK Positive Workplace
Service Award in 2016/17 & 2018/19

Prof Jeff Ng"It is LWS College’s aim to create a caring culture and environment for all students here.  The college has much to offer in terms of student-centred support and nurturing, including the Onboarding Programme for year one students, regular student meeting with our Dean of Students’ team and Wardens’ team, WS Hi-Tea afternoon tea gathering and personal counselling services. For the next time we meet, no matter at my office or at the canteen, just say hello and have a chat or meal together – this is the way we practice caring in LWS College.

Apart from caring students, we encourage our students to stretch their comfort zones and discover new interests, talents, and social network, making their University and LWS College experience unique and complete. The College Office, together with the College Student Union, provides co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and experiences that support the growth and development of LWS students. It is our ultimate goal to engage student leaders and students to cultivate opportunities for personal achievement through service, education and leadership training."

Professor Jeff Ng -
Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College
Associate Professor, School of Accountancy