Caring @ WS

Caring @ LWS

We care. We listen - The College aims to bridge students with their peers, teachers and alumni, so as to support each other for personal growth and College development. Various communication channels and caring programmes are provided for students in the College. To name a few:

  • Regular meeting with Dean of Students and counselling service by appointment
  • Regular gathering with affilaited teachers from eight faculties
  • Onboarding Programme for Year One Students
  • Mentoring Programme (under Onboarding Programme for Year One Students)
  • Personal and living adjustment counselling by Warden and Hostel Tutors
  • Sharing and meeting with Alumni Association
  • Regular afternoon tea gathering with Master and teachers 

Caring @ LWS

"We CARE for every student in LWS. If you have any concerns or comments, you are welcome to talk to me, either via email for an appointment or just to drop by my office during the “DoS Time” on every Wednesday 5:30 – 7 pm. Issues like campus life, friendship, students activities, academic concerns, ideas, comments or suggestions, or even just casual chats, are all welcome.

In order to cultivate a friendly environment, we organize varies activities frequently in order to make you feel comfortable and to feel like home.  If you would like to make more friends, our WS mentorship programme and the i-buddy scheme (for international students) will be perfect for you

Most important of all, I encourage you to step out from your personal comfort zone to try new things and to meet new friends.  I also strongly recommend you to join at least one or two LWS student societies or club activities. This is the fastest way to make friends.  I wish you a memorable yet enjoyable life here at LWS."

- Professor Stanley Hui
College Dean of Students
Professor, Department of Sports Science & Physical Education