Facilities for Residential Students

IT Services

Hostel network connection services are provided by University Information Technology Service Centre (ITSC). For connecting network at student hostels, you can use a ResNet (Residence Network) connection for campus network. Auxiliary Wifi connection in common area is also provided as an alternative for convenience, but you are always recommended to use a ResNet connection for a speedier and more stable connection.

You can use four simple steps to get a ResNet and Wifi access:

ResNet: Plug your own network (LAN) cable into a ResNet port

Wifi: Connect to SSID=CUHKa or CUHK

Open a web browser and a login page will be prompted

Enter your computing ID and CWEM password

Logout when you want to disconnect

Effective from 25 Feb 2013, ResNet ports would be automatically disabled when:

- A network device is installed. It does not only cause interference to other users’ connection, but also against ResNet Use Policy at http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/itsc/about/resnet_policy.html  (Point 2.3)

- The computer is infected by a virus/worm - http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/itsc/security/protectpc/ants.html

The above activities would keep central network equipment busy in handling unstable flow and result in a slow response on the Campus Network. To protect the public interest, the port is therefore disabled.

As always, you are encouraged to keep good practice when using ResNet:

Please contact ITSC whenever you failed to connect to ResNet service. Port disabled could be one of the reasons. On receiving your request, ITSC support team will identify the cause and fix the issue with you together.

To contact ITSC, please through:
•    Electronic HelpDesk - https://helpdesk.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/group/resnet-help
•    Hotline - 3943 8845

Common Lounges

Common lounges are located on 4/5F, 6/7F of Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building and 1/2F, 3/4F, 5/6F of North Block.

Cooking facilities, water boilers and seating are on the upper levels while televisions, freezers and microwave ovens are on the lower levels.

There are pantries on floors with no common lounges.

Cooking Facilities/ Drinking Water

Only light cooking can be done inside the common lounges and pantries. Cooking in any area other than common lounges and pantries is prohibited. Induction cookers and microwave ovens are provided in common lounges and pantries. Please prepare your own cooking utensils.

Water boilers are installed in common lounges and pantries. Students may redeem their water jug at RSA tuck shop during term commencement time. Filtered water dispensers are installed in both blocks: 2/F, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building and LG1, North Block.

Vending Machines/ Tuck Shop

There are two sets of vending machines in the hostel area. One set of beverage and snack machines are installed at LG1, North Block (next to Fitness Room); another set of machines are installed at G/F lobby, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building (inside TV room). Only Octopus card is accepted.

WSSU RSA operates a Tuck Shop on G/F, North Block (immediate after the barrier gates). It usually opens during late evenings. For details, please contact RSA officials.

Elevator Service

There are two elevators in the hostel. Elevator number 1 serves LG4-7/F, North Block (card authorization required for accessing LG3), while elevator number 2 serves G-12/F, South Block. Elevator number 2 does not call at LG1, LG2, LG3. Students going to those floors shall transfer to the central staircase on G/F.


Self-served laundries are located at 2/F, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building and LG4/F, North Block. Washing machines and dryers are available for a fee of $5 per cycle and $5 per 15 min respectively. Water extractors are currently free. Students may hang their clothes at the deck or in their own room.

Irons can be borrowed from Information Counter.

TV Areas

Televisions are installed in the TV rooms at two lobbies in each block, and in the lower levels of common lounges.