Welcome from Wardens

Photo (Prof Kwong)

It is an immense pleasure to welcome you most warmly to Lee Woo Sing College. This is Joseph from ObGyn, whose major interests is cancer research. I am also the Dean of General Education at Woo Sing. Other than work, I like angling and playing radio controlled cars.

Woo Sing defines itself by its caring community where all, staff and students alike, are passionate about what they do, and dedicated to it. The Woo Sing community is about learning with enthusiasm. It is about cultural awareness and learning to live with others. It is about preparation for the world beyond its gates.

Remarkable for its stunning view and yet eco-friendly environment, there is a tremendous vibrancy about life in the College at any time, with lots of events and a wide range of activities going on. Freeman, tutors and I will work best to encourage a positive balance between study, relax, and recreation (and meals) in hall. We aspire to Woo Sing-nian invariably look back on their time here with great memories and affection.

Enjoy. Please don’t forget to join me at TV drama nights.

Prof. Joseph Kwong
(Warden, South Block)

Photo (Mr Fung)

Welcome aboard!

It is great to see all of you to start a new page in our hostel in the coming year. Hostel life, in fact, is a major part of your university studies which balances the well-being of a university student. Apart from new and sufficient facilities, Wardens and tutors will be providing tangible help and smart tips on your living. You are welcome to chat with us for all kind of topics, daily live, personal issue, and social affairs. Good neighborhood and independent living are also a new lesson to you. People from the local and the Mainland, Asian and European countries, American and all over the world would share their experience, culture, belief and tradition.

In addition, tutors are organizing floor gatherings very often to make sure you are living well on the one hand, and wardens take great care of your physical and mental health on the other.

Very often, you may see my wife and two kids in north block of Warden Quarter 701, and say Hi when seeing them. Hopefully, you would enjoy the hostel life.

Mr. Freeman Fung
(Warden, North Block)