Honorary Advisors

Julia WOO Ning
Provide a learning environment for our future generations to become stakeholders of a more understanding and harmonious world.’

Ms. Julia Woo Ning, Advisor (Honorary) of Lee Woo Sing College, is also, among her many community services, Senior Advisor of Mainland Undergraduate Association of CUHK, Executive Director of Shanghai Fraternity Association, Hong Kong and Chair, International Relations of Hong Kong Association of University Women. She founded Woo Learning Services in 2009 to continue her contributions to education and learning.

Ms. Woo is a veteran in the field of education. She has served CUHK for 34 years; heading administrative offices in Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, and Shaw College. She cares much about the growth of mainland students in Hong Kong and was instrumental in the establishment of the ‘Home in Hong Kong’ programme, a joint project between CUHK and the Shanghai Fraternity Association in November 2000 as well as the CUHK Mainland Undergraduate Association in 2004. Ms. Woo’s innovative mind has also brought to fruition many learning projects for CUHK students as well as students in universities in the mainland and overseas.

Ms. Woo has a profound relationship with Mr. Lee Woo-sing and his family. She has a great deal of respect for Mr. Lee for his continuous support and contributions to education. With Ms. Woo as our Advisor (Honorary), we trust that under her guidance, Lee Woo Sing College will realize its mission in nurturing the next generation of talent and developing leadership skills in harmony.


(Art and Culture)

Chan Kang graduated from the School of Traditional Chinese Painting and the Department of Oil Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts.  He was awarded the Vermont Studio Center fellowship and joined their residency program in the United States. Presently, Chan is Vice-Chairman of Guangzhou Municipal Artist Association and Director of Oil Painting Arts Council of the Association.  He is a member of China Artists Association, committee member of Guangdong Artists Association and Vice-President of Yanhuang Painting Academy. A contracted painter of Guangzhou Academy of Painting and Research Center of Contemporary Art, he is also a professor and instructor of the Master of Fine Arts program at Guangzhou University, and an instructor at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chan also serves as Vice-President of Chinese Humanist Association of Guangdong, Editor-in-Chief of China Oil Painting Online, and Artistic Director of China Artists News; and is a member of the Council of Guangzhou Library, and of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Guangzhou Committee. Chan has held numerous solo exhibitions in places like Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and his works have been selected by many national, provincial and municipal art exhibitions. He is a multiple award-winner and his works have been collected by numerous museums and private collectors. Reproductions of his works have been published in many books, newspapers and magazines across China, Macau, and Hong Kong, as well as overseas.

Winston CHIU Dah Ming


Prof. Chiu received his Bachelor Degree from Imperial College London, and PhD from Harvard University. He worked in several high tech research labs, including AT&T Bell Labs, DEC and SUN before joining the Department of Information Engineering in CUHK. He served as department chairman from 2009 to 2015. Prof. Chiu and his student Jacky Zhan collaborated with Lee Woo Sing College on how analyze data collected from a smart building and turn it into knowledge and policies towards energy conservation and building management."

Boman HO Po Man

(Green Life)

1976-1980 B.A. (CUHK) major in Fine Arts.

1980s-1990s Published Author of over 40 text books for HK primary schools. Award winner of the First, Second, Third and Merit Prize in the Creative Writing in Chinese for Children of the Urban Council of Hong Kong.

1980-1993 Senior Producer of the Program and Promotion Department, HK-TVB.

Award winner of Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal and Finalist Award in the International Film & TV Festival of New York.

1992-Present Founder of Cute Production (multimedia production house)

2008-2014 Creative Director of CU Tree Project and The Science and Art of Trees, Birds and Butterflies Exhibition

2011-Present Creative Director of Grateful Green Group

2013-Present Affiliated Teacher and Honorary Consultant of Green Life Education, member of Campus Environment & Sustainability Committee, of Lee Woo Sing College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

George JOR Chi Keung

(Green Living Education)

  • CU Tree Project Holder
  • Founder, Grateful Green Group, an NGO for environmental education
  • Convener of the Green Education Working Group
  • Consultant (Honorary), Lee Woo Sing College, CUHK
  • Teacher of General and Environmental Education
  • Former Acting Director, English Language Teaching Unit, CUHK
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute
  • Partner of Environmental Education Media Project, Civic Exchange, and Kai Tak River Green Corridor Community Education Programme
  • Exhibition organizer on the art and science of trees, birds, and butterflies
  • Honorary advisor of Tai Po Environmental Association
  • Honorary advisor of SKH Tsang Kwun O Home for the Elderly
  • Host of road shows on biodiversity conservation and environmental education exhibitions for schoolchildren in Hong Kong

I subscribe to the basic core values of Lee Woo Sing College: wisdom, humanity, integrity, and harmony as key elements of education.  I admire the College’s vision and strong emphasis on environmental education.  That is why I aspire to do my part, pitch in, volunteer my time and effort with a view to making a difference in an education that promotes care and knowledge of our environment, biodiversity conservation, harmony between humanity and nature, integrity and economic activities, sustainable policies of use and management of natural resources.

As the co-founder of the CU Tree Project with the late Dr. S. Y. Hu, I have been working with international film director Mr. John Liu to promote award-wining environmental documentaries such as Jane Goodall: China Diary, Lessons of the Loess Plateau and Hope in a Changing Climate, to name but a few.   Locally, we have hosted, for the past four years, film shows, tree walks, touring exhibitions on the art and science of trees, birds, and butterflies for schools and NGOs in Hong Kong (see the exhibition at the Jockey Club Creative Art Centre, CPRO Press Release on 8 March 2012).  We have been putting on display in our road shows, 500 stunning photos (500 cm X 500 cm each) of Hong Kong trees, birds, and butterflies to raise awareness, interest in, and appreciation of the rich biodiversity of the region and the importance of conservation. We also take part in the Kai Tak River Green Corridor Community Education Programme in Wong Tai Sin.   Since its inception in 2008, the CU Tree Project has served more than 3,000 people.  Through our ‘green’ activities, bird watching tours, workshops, exhibitions, tree talks and walks, Facebook and Website, we have invited students, educators, and all stake-holders to think about human impacts on the environment, global warming, climate change, peak oil, Western consumption-driven capitalism, financial crisis, unsustainable lifestyles, non-recyclable pattern of material economy: extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and then disposal; increasing shortages of resources such as water, food, fossil fuels, power, and hence depletion of and competition for these natural assets; hazards of environmental degradation, pollution of air, land and sea to further the private gain of a few at the expense of the many, loss of natural habitats, species extinction, and our society’s huge, ongoing, consumption of natural resources.

That is not sustainable.  There must be moderation policies, sets of incentives and disincentives, measured consumption, and environmentally friendly practices.

I believe every one counts, and every one can make a difference in minimizing the risks of depletion of natural resources.  Together, everyone can help to re-shape the impacts of consumption-driven economy and global capitalism on the world’s ecological crisis.  Honestly, we don’t have answers to these challenges, but I hope to hear more discussions on these issues and hear more people think about sustainable societies and debate on the future of the planet.

CU Tree Project: http://www.greeneducationcuhk.net

Email: georgejor@cuhk.edu.hk

Gabriel LAU Ngar Cheung

Professor (by Courtesy) of the Earth System Science Programme, CUHK
AXA Professor of Geography and Resource Management
Director, Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability

Prof. Lau, a world renowned scholar in climate research, joined The CUHK as the Director of Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES) in 2013.  He leads the integration of CUHK's strengths of various disciplines in environmental research and education to build synergy for sustainable development of the community.He has been devoted to meteorological research for nearly 40 years.He joined the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1978 and served as the lead scientist of Climate Diagnostics Project at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) until 2013.   He was concurrently a Professor at Princeton University.He was a contributing author of the Fourth Assessment Report, and a lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report, of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize (2007). Prof. Lau has participated in the research contributing to IPCC since it was established in 1988.

Benny TAM Pit Shing

(Campus Management)

Mr. Tam joined The CUHK in 1998 as the founder Director of Estates Management Office, handled all aspects and disciplines of facilities operations and maintenance for all buildings and grounds on campus as well as off campus of the University. Mr. Tam was members of building committees for 46 buildings in University developed over the last 18 years. He was also an Adjunct Professor in School of Hotel Management. He has been devoted in energy conservation and environmental sustainability field in Hong Kong for 35 years prior to his current retirement.

He graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1977 and the Hong Kong University in 1986. He is a chartered and professional engineer in electrical engineering, power station practices, green transport, carbon audit, building services, transport development, and energy assessment. He also managed the development and operations of power stations, commercial buildings like St. John’s building, The Repulse Bay, Peak Tower and the modernization of Peak Tramways dated back in 1988.

Anthony WONG Chau Sang
(Performing Arts)

Mr. Anthony Wong is the first cohort graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.In 2004, he was awarded the Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Since graduation, he has performed more than 300 movies. His role is very diverse, such as the street cop of "The Beast Cop", the superintendent of "Internal Affairs", the Father Kam of "Ordinary Heroes ". Over the years, Mr. Wong has won numerous local and international awards, including the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor (1994, 1999, 2019), Best Supporting Actor Award (2003, 2006), Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor (1998, 2002, 2019), Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Actor (1998, 1999), Taiwan Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor (2002, 2003, 2005). His play of TV drama “Lord of Shanghai” and drama “To Kill or to be Killed” won the best TV actor and the best actor of 10th Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies Award respectively. In 2019, Mr. Wong was awarded the 21st Far East Film Festival Udine 2019 for Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2013, he established the " Dionysus Contemporary Theatre" with Ms. Olivia Yan and Ms. Joyce Cheung as the Artistic Director. After being the Chairman of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Alumni Association, he is now the Honorary Chairman of the Association.

WONG Kam Ling
(General Education)