Lee Woo Sing College was established in 2007 with very generous support from Li Foundation (Bing Hua Tang). Dr. Li Wo-hing has great admiration and respect for his brother Mr. Lee Woo-sing's long-term commitment to the advancement of education, and his passion and contributions in nurturing talent for the nation and Hong Kong. The new College is therefore named Lee Woo Sing College to recognize his selfless public service.

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At Lee Woo Sing College, we aim at developing leaders for Hong Kong, the mainland and the world. A good leader should be objective, knowledgeable, insightful and receptive to different views. We also emphasize on promoting the spirit of ‘Harmony’, being kind to people and handling things with moderation, which is a decisive factor for building up a successful career and leading a productive and rewarding life. Students will be encouraged to be thankful and contribute to their alma mater and the community.