Mission, Motto


to provide students with pastoral care and whole-person education, including general education;

to broaden the outlook of students and to help them acquire an international perspective through the College's formal and non-formal education programmes;
to foster a warm and collegial community where students and academic staff learn, share and grow intellectually;
to cultivate among students a commitment to personal and social responsibility as well as integrity, which will lay the foundations for contributions to society and for an enriching life in the future;
to help broaden students’ understanding of and liaison with Hong Kong, the mainland and the world, so as to enable them to build up a successful career in the future, and to encourage students to contribute to their alma mater.

The College motto was derived from The Rites of Zhou, one of three ancient ritual texts listed among the Confucian classics. The first two moral principles emphasize the pursuing of knowledge and the nurturing of character; while the last two focus on learning the right attitude in conducting oneself in society.

wisdom- Pursuing knowledge, with the spirit of exploration

humanity- Being considerate, aspiring to the perfect personality

integrity- Being loyal to others, with a sense of responsibility

harmony - Being kind to people, handling things with moderation