Alumni News and Sharing

Alumni News and Sharing

Lee Woo Sing College (WS) are inviting our dear alumni to share their memories and thoughts about WS life, as well as latest career development, with our WS students. We believe your words and advice can inspire WS-ees and boost them to meet oncoming challenges.

Please VISIT HERE and put down alumni's words on our Voice Collection Form. The College plan to invite contributors to attend College's actvities and have face-to-face exchange with the students.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and support!

Connection before Solution - Matthew Kwok's Post-Graduate Career in Emotional Education

Matthew Kwok - WS Alumni

Mr. Matthew KWOK Tsz Lok (郭梓樂) - 2017 / Faculty of Law Graduate (Centre)

Mr. KWOK joins the teaching profession after completion of undergraduate studies. Recently, he founded a social enterprise called “JUST FEEL” with friends. The enterprise promotes compassionate communication through collaboration with primary schools. This new mode of education allows students to express emotions, instead of pure rewards or penalties, to enhance their EQ or sociability.

CLICK HERE to watch an in-depth report on Mr. KWOK’s sharing.

Wilson Chow - WS Alumni

Mr. Wilson CHOW Wa Shing (周華盛) - 2018 / Faculty of Business Administration Graduate

I recalled that I ranked Lee Woo Sing College as my last choice of college selection. Apparently, i was still enrolled into LWS college and it unexpectedly made the best memories of my university life.

LWS college is my “second home”. During my five years of studies, I spent a lot of time in college activities, such as college basketball team, hostel activities, singing contest, so on and so forth. I met true and kind friends here who later became my best friends even after graduation. With all my respect, college staff here are also so nice that they are just like my family members and I gained enormous support from them.

It is my sincere pleasure to spend my five-year university life at LWS college and I wish all of you could experience a wonderful college life here.

Adrian Ho - WS Alumni

Mr. Adrian HO (何善彰) - 2016 / Faculty of Law Graduate

Adrian Ho, an alumnus of LWS College (2012-16), is a local author who has published his eleventh novella The Final Word in July 2019. He has engaged in writing detective novellas for ten years, stretching back into his secondary school days, His novels have garnered attention from the media, and he has been autographing in the HKTDC July Book Fairs ever since.

Adrian has been to many schools in Hong Kong, inspiring students to write and communicate using English.

After a three-year-stint being a ‘School Writer’ in a local primary school, Adrian is now a Ph.D. student in the English Literature Department FKH, researching on connections between Agatha Christie’s novels and the law.

Mandy Ho - WS Alumni

Ms. Mandy HO Ka Man (何嘉敏) - 2015 / Faculty of Engineering Graduate (Bachelor and Master Degrees)

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Ms. TSE Wing Nam (謝穎楠) - 2014 / Faculty of Engineering Graduate

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