[2018-11-09] WS Alumni Shared Their Career Paths at College Assembly

Five WS alumni were invited to attend the College Assembly on 9 November 2018 and shared their lives after graduation.  They also gave some useful tips to WS students about career planning.

2018/19 WS 4th College Assembly

From Left to Right: Mrs. Alice LAW (College Secretary), Miss LAU Ka Man (2017 / Government and Public Administration), Mr. LEE Ching Hang (2017 / Public Health), Mr. LIU Chun Wah (2017 / Integrated BBA), Prof. Joseph LAU (College Founding Master), Mr. KWOK Tsz Lok (2017 / Bachelor of Laws), Mr. TSE Kin Cheung (2014 / Psychology), Prof. Joseph KWONG (Dean of College General Education)

Mr. Kwok Tsz Lok

Mr. Lee Ching Hang and Mr. Liu Chun Wah

Mr. Tse Kin Cheung